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Questions About Cancer

Cancer is a health issue for many families. It’s important to understand that there are different kinds of cancers. Not all cancers are life-threatening. Some

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Detecting Ovarian Cancer

While women are learning more and more about cervical cancer and its prevention, another "silent killer" remains relatively mysterious among doctors and patients alike. Ovarian

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Ten Tips for Smart Stretching

Why stretch? Stretching lengthens muscles and improves flexibility. Also, stretching the big leg muscles – the hamstrings, calves, and quads – simultaneously loosens and lengthens

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The Common Core

Core strength is critical for everyday activities such as placing heavy grocery bags into the trunk of your automobile, carrying a gallon jug of milk

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The Top Shelf

Many adults begin to develop shoulder pain, even though they may not have sustained a specific injury. It’s important to pay attention to such shoulder

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Tennis, Anyone?

Repetitive stress injuries are typically very difficult to treat successfully. These injuries are the result of actions done repeatedly, frequently, and consistently over time. They’ve

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