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Pregnancy Massage in Garner, NC

Women’s bodies undergo a significant transformation during pregnancy. Even though women are physically designed to handle the stress of a pregnancy, the displaced weight can cause considerable discomfort in the back, legs and joints. The therapists at Cleveland Chiropractic & Massage offer gentle and uplifting relief from a variety of pregnancy ailments. Let us help you enjoy the brighter side of pregnancy by booking your appointment with us in Garner, NC.


Enter into a soothing environment and take the stress off your feet and back. A pregnancy massage can be extremely helpful with lower back pain, swollen arms and legs, muscle tension, sciatica and stress.

Expectant mothers want to take every step necessary for a healthy future baby. Massage is a great alternative to other medical options that may involve drugs and other medication. With special pillows and massage beds designed for pregnant women, you’ll be completely comfortable and at ease!

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