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Knee Pain Relief

Understanding Knee Pain

The human knee provides an amazing ability to handle multiple demands from mobility to shock absorption to directional change and power execution. However, when the knee system starts having problems, the loss of all that ability can become painfully apparent, sometimes even life-changing.

How are knees injured?

Knees can be injured by a variety of causes. Trauma and over-exertion injury are the most common when we are younger, but progressive knee issues can also develop over time due to physical work, age, and disease. In addition, there isn’t just one overall category of knee problems. A variety of situations can occur from bone damage to cartilage loss to injury to the ligaments around the knee connecting all the working parts together.

Methods of Relief

What kind of knee pain relief options exist? Can diet changes help?

Dietary changes and supplements have been known to help. Changing the body’s intake can help. Weight loss is a big one, taking a burden off the knees and reducing pressure. It’s also healthy for the rest of your body too. Before trying a supplement like glucosamine-chondroitin, however, check with your doctor.

Does basic rest help?

The most basic pain relief form can be handled at home with elevation, rest, warm and cold periodic compresses and letting the body heal itself. However, more serious or chronic situations don’t go away, and additional help is needed.

What can a chiropractor do?

Sometimes the knee is out of alignment which can be resolved with a chiropractor’s help. The chiropractor can evaluate the current function of a patient’s knee, identify motion problems that should not be occurring, and apply treatment to set the knee back in its normal track and range of movement. That can reduce inflammation and pain, producing significant relief.

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